Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Piece of Paper

I have heard rumors of a special paper that allows one to lose his memories. If somebody consumes a sheet of that paper, he soon forgets whatever is written on it, even if the written information was something close to him.

Of course, such a thing is impossible, which is why I can discuss it with you.

It isn't something you'll want to use daily, certainly. But at the same time, its value lies in being able to eliminate unwanted memories. Unhappy memories, hateful recollections. These don't occur everyday, but rubbing out the occasional blemish is something that's desirable.

Is it?

Not in excess, of course. Few things are entirely good if taken to extremes. Any tool invented to help inevitably brings forward criticisms of it weakening us. Eliminate the necessity of labor, and the strength of humans will decline. The terrible ease of forgetting trivializes the impact of harsh memories; they are sooner forgotten than overcome. 

Perhaps it might reduce us to psychological weaklings, unable to accept any mental blows without whiting it out.

Of course, such a thing is impossible, and doesn't exist.

Yes, you've heard me right. Have you gotten that all written down? Great. Now for the next step...