Sunday, August 31, 2014

Writing Exercise: A Trans-dimensional Language Censor

Even though the science had advanced very much in the last few decades, trans-dimensional communications was still very difficult, though for entirely different reasons. In a way, that was fortunate; it opened many positions for trans-dimensional linguists, though it would be more accurate to describe my job as that of a language censor.

Dealing with extra-dimensional beings was tricky, even more so than dealing with alien races. The main issue was the homocentricity of most languages, particular the most commonly used (and likely ancient) ones. Many verbs and nouns are only sensible with an complete understanding of human morphology, planetary and environment conditions on Earth, and human culture and societies. Not only is communications impossible with such nouns, more sensitive alien races might view culture-loaded words as hate speech professing the superiority of certain morphological/cultural/value systems. Thus, the choice of words in diplomatic exchanges was crucial.

Needless to say, interpreting trans-dimensional communications was a very protracted and vague affair.

Exercise nouns: position hate spoon question language selection