Friday, June 30, 2006

An Imaginary Scene at a Coffeeshop

One imaginary day at a non-existent coffeeshop.

Uncle: I think this kopi, really worse leh!

Kopi-boss: Eh you better shaddup and dun anyhow tok cok hor! You neber say your name before you tok! You chicken heart issit?

Uncle: Wah lao, tok cok also must say name one?

Kopi-boss: Of course lar! If you neber say name before tokking cok then you orbiously no guts to sulpport what you say. Only tellorist and racist and bad peepur tok cok don say name one.

Uncle: Wah liketat also can? But I regular customer what. You all know me what.

Kopi-boss: I know you lar, but peepur dono! What if they dono you and think you are tellerist or racist? Cannot be ilresponsibe. Eberytime must say name before toking, to show you have guts to sulpport what you say. Acrtually huh, say name also not enuf. You must wear tshirt with your name, ic number and address wlitten on it.

Uncle: So mafan? I think I better shaddup and relac one corner.

Kopi-boss: Yarlor, nexttime don anyhow say my kopi worse. Want to say can, but must wear special tshirt. Otherwise I wlite letter to State's Times to complain you are tellorist!

Slogan of the Story: Be responsible. Tok Cok can , but must wear special Tshirt !!!

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