Sunday, August 09, 2009

On Patriotism

I do not think that watching little tanks and soldiers parade by is a mark of a patriot, nor is saying the pledge in unison a sign of patriotism. To believe so might be a tad superficial, in my opinion.

At the great risk of offending sensibilities, I feel that true patriotism is reflected by the love of a nation, and manifested by a desire to improve the condition of the nation's people. Waving small flags and singing songs does little toward improving our well-being; it might be nationalistic, but it is not patriotic.

Perhaps one does feel some pride welling up in the chest due to being a member of this nation. Perhaps one does think this is a great place to live. But if one does not help improve one's society, to improve the lot of others coexisting in that same society, one is not a patriot.

It is the little things that are the most telling; whenever I see the selfish and self-absorbed refuse to shift further in public buses, whenever I see people littering and bespoiling the streets, whenever I see food and drink being consumed on public transport, whenever I see people conversing loudly on mobile phones in libraries, I reach the undeniable conclusion- that perhaps there are very few patriots indeed.

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