Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Journey into the Stars

Earth sent a radio message into the stars. A century later, the same message returned, undiminished, unaltered.

"It is not natural", the scientists said with certainty. They were less certain on whether it was alien, or supernatural. There was only one way to know.

Earth built a vessel to seek out the senders of the message. A three-hundred year sub-light journey, into the abyss. And so they journeyed, taking their first steps amongst the stars.

Time passed, and the journey eventually approached its end. As the ship neared the target, strange readings were obtained. A ship approached! Eerily the ship had similar markings and transmissions. Was this the aliens in a mocking disguise, or were these descendants of Earth, having long since arrived with FTL?

Neither, it turned out. It was a gigantic sphere, made of exotic meta-materials designed to perfectly reflect EM signals of all frequencies. The purpose of the sphere was unknown, and the builders, long gone.

Perhaps, this was only a monument to silently bear witness to the fact that they were once here.

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