Thursday, March 23, 2006

On Education

Education is often held to be almost a mythical panacea capable of solving many social problems. But what is Education, and how does it help?

I believe that Education should, above all, not teach us what to think, but rather, aid us in learning how to think. Clearly, the methodology of thinking is more important than the content of what is being taught. More importantly, if we are only taught what to think, then we are simply incapable of distinguishing dogma from truth. How are we to deny what is given to us from authority ?

On the other hand, if we learn how to think, then we are enlightened, and capable of differentiating right and wrong using our own reason. An enlightened mind is the way to solve many problems.

I must admit that I seem a bit fuzzy during this post, but I am reflecting on some of my internal feelings rather than thoughts. I may need to support my feelings with more thought. Maybe more on that later ( although I seem to have a bad habit of not following up within a reasonable amount of time.) .

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The Negative Man said...

Based upon my own ideas, I am not recieving much of an education in NUS. Hmmm....