Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tenant Mix of Shopping Malls

Yesterday, I went to Beauty World Shopping Center to see my family doctor. The waiting time was considerable, so I walked around the complex.

The major tenants were tuition centers, a large supermarket, reflexology shops and maid agencies. The mix of shops was insightful.

I recalled the tenant mix of Ten Mile Junction, a 'failed' shopping mall, now primarily occupied by tuition centers and a large supermarket. Apparently, such businesses do not really require a considerable flow of passing customers, and are instead able to draw in their own customers. Hence, the low rent of such 'failed' malls is attractive.

If we were to study the tenant mix of modern, bustling shopping malls, there would no doubt be sizable differences. This implies that the business models of such tenants is more dependent on high customer traffic.

It is interesting to be able to learn much from just the directory of tenants.

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