Monday, September 15, 2008

The Disease

One day, he was struck with the disease. This disease had no measurable symptoms or effects, save one - it made those afflicted with it terribly lazy.

The disease affected his work performance, and he was reprimanded for doing much less compared to his colleagues. His boss threatened that if this were to be kept up, he would be fired.

Despite the warning, he still found working unbearable. However, he then came up with a cunning solution to his problem - to spread his disease to everyone in his company. If everyone were to be equally unproductive, then he could keep his job.

His plan succeeded, with great effect. However, the entire company was now at risk, since other companies were able to outproduce them. The solution was obvious - spread the disease!

Eventually, the disease spread across the nation. Seeing that the nation was now lagging behind other competing nations, he decided to adopt the truly final solution - infect everyone on the planet.

Everyone in the world became lazy. His work was done.

But, he had worked too hard to spread the laziness disease, and this exertion had cured him of his infection. Worse, he was now immune to it. In the end, being the sole non-lazy individual on the planet, he was burdened with the task of working to support the world.

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