Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Game

There is a game which everyone plays. It is a queer game, though. Some are unaware that they are playing. Others play without knowing their final goals in the game. Still, all play the game.

There are many possible objectives in the game. Some choose to pursue material wealth, seeking to collect the most riches. Others choose to collect the most company, amassing the most friends and favor. Yet some more play the game seeking a simpler victory, one that is completed with a partner. There are indeed many ways to win the game.

Curiously, while the game is not difficult to win, many dawdle aimlessly. They pursue meaningless goals which are unrelated to their winning conditions, hence wasting time and resources. Some pursue grades blindly with their final aim being wealth and not education, and yet these players are unaware of the other game plans that would bring them closer to their goal, and faster. Other players pursue wealth and career, but are unaware that their winning condition is happiness, and that their futile moves bring them further and further away from winning.

It seems trivial, but the first step to winning the game is to learn what the winning condition is. Otherwise, one would find himself playing the wrong game, and losing.

Are you playing the right game?

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Will Dwinnell said...

That is very insightful.