Monday, February 16, 2009

Solipsist Reincarnation

I found a girl and exhorted her money. She seemed half-confused, half-scared, but she gave up her money nonetheless. Then, as I was walking way, a bespectacled kid saw me. The kid, shouting in a raised voice, said, "Stop ! I am you, and you are me !"

There was no sense to his statement, which irritated me to no end. Pissed, I beat up this insane kid. Immediately after the beating, the boy seemed to realize something, and ran way. Then, a winged angel appeared out of nowhere, and bellowed, "Thou shall feel the force of karma !"

When I next awoke, I found myself in an unfamiliar body, seeing everything from a much-displaced height. My next sight shocked me - someone resembling myself was approaching menancingly! I then realised that I was the girl I had previously exhorted! The shock and confusion left me stunned, and my money was effortless taken away by myself.

Another whiteout happened, and when I reawakened, I found myself in yet another vessel. I was now wearing spectacles... which would mean I was the bespectacled kid! The same one I beat up! Then I saw myself. Seeing myself approach, and knowing that I would soon be beaten by myself, I tried to stop this, by shouting "Stop! I am you, and you are me!"

It was useless, and I was beaten up. It was then that I realized the truth- that Karma works, but in a queer way. I was not being punished for earlier crimes. Rather, I was both the the victim and the perpetrator, that I was punished the instant I sinned against myself.

Upon realizing the absurd nature of the world, I repented, and became an angel.


Benedict said...

it'ld be good if you ended the bit with the angel a bit more coherently.

"I repented and became an angel, who prophesiesed to myself "Thou shalt feel the wrath of Karma""

That's my opinion.

The Negative Man said...

You are right. The story does seem a bit difficult to understand.

I'll rewrite it at some point in the future, though I'm not especially fond of the story in any case.

Too much mind, not enough heart.