Thursday, May 14, 2009

True Hair Loss Products

In the future, there will be true hair loss products. No, not products that treat hair loss, but products that cause hair loss.

It seems stupid, true. Who would want to buy true hair loss products? It doesn't seem to make sense. Well, many things don't make sense either; why people smoke, or drive dangerously, or buy expensive but useless luxury goods.

It's the handicap principle, really. Agents, whether humans or animals, may adopt useless handicaps to signal their superior fitness. Whether it is the fancy tail of a peacock or the stotting of a gazelle, the message is basically "Hey, I have this really dumb thing and yet I'll still alive and kicking. If I'm not great then I would have been long dead!".

So, in the future there will be true hair loss products. People who use them are more macho than people who do not. They are in turn more macho than those who use hair gain products.

Unless of course you are balding. Then you have adopted a handicap and failed miserably.

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