Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Prototype Sketch

Sketch is set in the modern era. Two men are seen talking.

A: I haven't seen you around lately.

B: Well I've been busy.

A: Doing what?

B: Having sex!

A: Having SEX?

B: Yes, having sex, and in case you're wondering, on a regular basis with a member of the opposite sex. I've discovered a method which enables me to have sex on a regular basis.

A: What! How are you doing it? Is it prostitution? Are you paying money for sex?

B: Well, yes and no. The method is simple, really; I provide food and shelter while the woman provides sex.

A: What! That sounds just like prostitution, except that there's a meal plan thrown into the job entitlements package.

B: No, no, no! The woman also does some menial household chores; it's less of prostitution than general indentureship with a specific clause for coital services.

A: It sounds expensive-

B: No, not really. I'm getting it all in a package-deal sort of thing so it works out cheaper than if I hired a sexual worker every other day. It's quite a steal actually.

A: Hmm, if you're getting a good deal, then someone must be being ripped off somewhere. Clearly any sane woman with any mathematical inclination can see that it is vastly more profitable to leave things to the open market than to adopt this contract.

B: It's not all peaches on my side too. You see, the contract is lifetime-binding; I'll have to provide her upkeep for the rest of my or her life, so at some point this contract becomes more of a liability than a bargain. But I'm getting my lawyer to go through it for any loopholes so that I can divorce myself of any consequences when the time comes.

A: Well, hopefully you succeed. It does sound like a good idea. Any plans to patent the idea and to market it?

B: Of course I have a mind to make some cash off this. I've even been thinking of a name for it- the name's meaningless now, but hopefully when more people know about it it will gain an essence of its own. I call it - Marriage.

This sketch is still vastly rough; I'll have to polish it up, maybe add a few twists. There are still some directions that I want to go with it. In the meantime, feel free to add any comments on the sketch.

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