Sunday, October 11, 2009

On Envy

Envy is thought to be undesirable, and to be a sin. It is indeed true that envy causes a great sourness and unhappiness in people, but it is also a truth that only fools wallow in the adverse.

Great minds see opportunity in adversity, and linings of potential beauty in clouds of ugly desire. Envy can be a useful force; for those that are aimless in life, Envy is the clearest mirror that reveals the soul's truest desires. And hence, rather than repressing Envy, why not reach out and seize that which invokes Envy?

The parable of the scorpion and the frog tells us that we cannot deny our nature. Envy is ultimately an indicator of insufficiency, of lacking; our efforts to repress this sense of lacking serves only to enlarge our sense of insufficiency. Our nature demands a particular medicine and nothing else; only by obtaining the object of Envy can Envy be removed.

This is perhaps a sad truth, perhaps an ugly truth, but human nature is as such.

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