Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Woman with the Scowling Lip

She seemed to have a lower lip that was somewhat larger than her upper lip; the lower lip appeared to protrude ungracefully outwards. The lips seemed ready to pull itself into an easy scowl or frown; on a whole, it was a face that lent itself to unhappiness.

Perhaps her scowling lips were not born of a natural asymmetry, but rather acquired by dour habit. After all, one's moods affect one's looks, and vice versa.

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Benedict said...

The man with the moobs.

It's quite unclear how his torso should resemble that of an unattractive woman. But it was visage that lent itself to ridicule.

As he ran for the bus, his moobs flapped about like fish on dry lands.

It's a point of wonder if you should say "a man with manboobs" or "manboobs with a man", for during his sprint, the part of a man certainly seemed larger than the man himself.

[note: actually wanted to write about nose, but it might be offensive to old friends]