Saturday, March 25, 2006

Analysing the case of the Afgan convert

I've just learnt about the Afgan case regarding the Christian convert (from Islam) . Its quite an apalling case of religious intolerance, no doubt. However, I wish to raise an interesting point of view, using ideas based on Pascal's wager.

Let us assume that the afgans are correct, that their God is true. Hence, the convert will go to hell and recieve infinite punishment. Since the punishment is exacted over an infinite period of time, it does not matter if he dies now or later. Hence they should not need to execute him.

If we assume that the afgans are wrong, that their God is false, then they have no justification to execute the convert.

Based on this analysis, they should not execute the convert ! How interesting !

** Disclaimer : This analysis ignores many other considerations. You should not use this post as a basis to smite me. Or lynch me. You get the drift ?

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