Monday, March 27, 2006

On the Thai Protests

Before I make my comments I have to admit that I'm in no position to form a totally informed opinion about the Bangkok protests. At the same time though, my opinions are not biased by the fact that I am Singaporean. So, just take me as an arbitary observer making random comments.

From my point of view, the peaceful or otherwise, these protests are irrational and even undermine the democratic process. I would not like it if the protesters get what they want, fundamentally because it would certainly not be democratic. What these protesters are doing, whether they are aware of it or not, is that they are imposing their wills over the entire of Thailand. 100,000 is not a majority, 100,000 people cannot speak for 65+ million people.

I mentioned that these protesters were irrational. Why ? Because they are willing to boycott the elections, and the opposition will not be contesting the elections. One alleged reason is that the election procedure is corrupt, hence voting is useless. But what I am wondering is, won't this create a self-fulfuling prophecy ? "Lets not vote. Opps, Thaksin won ! He must have cheated !!"

The second alleged reason is that they believe that Thaksin would be voted in again by the 'ignorant' lower classes. This reason is, in my opinion, even more repulsive than the previous reason, because it means the protesters undermine even their own people. In essense, the protesters believe that they are more informed, or possibly more enlightened, than the masses. I must say that this type of thinking must have been responsible for various attrocites throughout history.

Before I end, I must state that I don't condone corruption and dirty politics. But these must be combated with reason, and massive public protest seem more emotion than reason.

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Jackson Tan said...

I'm currently completely sick of what's happening in Thailand. Demonstrations, demonstrations, demonstrations... If I were in Thailand, I'd demonstrate to protest against those demonstration, if it weren't for the irony in itself.

I dunno what results the poll will churn out, but I think if there is acceptable support for the ruling party, the king should come in and say, "I recognise this election." and shut the demonstrators up for good.