Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thoughts about Justice

What is Justice ? I think it has to do with the fair treatment of people, giving them what is rightly due to them. Thus, Justice involves fairness and right.

Justice also involves vengeance and retribution. For criminals, their due is punishment. This punishment is both fair and just, in that it is fair to the victims of the crime, and just because it upholds the morals which the criminal has failed to adhere to.

However, because I am innately suspicious of all things, I question Justice. Justice must ultimately be drawn from some ideas of what is right. But is there a universal right from which Justice can be drawn ? If not, then Justice ceases to be universal.

How, then, can Justice apply to members who do not suscribe to our ideas of Justice ? To forcefully impose our Justice on these members is to forgo the other principle of Justice, that of fairness and equal treatment of others. This problem cannot be resolved easily.

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hi twl! i didnt know u had a blog ;) perhaps if u told ppl more of them might visit? very very interesting posts u have got...
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