Friday, April 21, 2006

About Ghosts

** If you have not read the previous post, please do so. This post is sort of a commentary the previous post, hence it may not make sense if you don't read the original post.

A question that is worth asking is why are most people (including myself) afraid of ghosts ? As with my short story(read the previous post !!!) , a fear of ghosts is somewhat akin to a caterpillar being afraid of a butterfly. If humans become ghosts after they die, then ghosts should be considered as the 'next stage' of a human life. There is no reason why this 'next stage' should be feared, if fundamentally they are humans.

That marks the end of my commentary on my short story. Anyway, the format of the short story is known as Nanofiction, where the number of words used (not including the title) is exactly 55. Its quite an interesting format that allows for many concise and remarkable stories. Some Nanofiction links are Carnival of Tiny Stories and Wunderland.

One last irrelevant note-- Would you be afraid of the three spectres to the right ? Haha, I doubt it, unless they started levitating under their own power suddenly...

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wah so many plush toy. are you one of those who benefited from weihua's giving away toys?