Friday, April 28, 2006

Opposite Week

Now that my exams are over I can concentrate on serious matters, ie, the elections. In fact, I just had an idea regarding the elections. I call this idea "Opposite Week".

The idea is actually very simple. I am pretty sure that you have decided, or largely decided, which party or candidate to vote for during the elections. Ok, then for "Opposite Week", what you're supposed to do is to write something supporting the other party. Yup, write something serious (not mocking or sarcastic) supporting the side you are probably not going to vote for.

The motive of "Opposite Week" is to force ourselves to understand the strengths of the people we have presumably written off. In writing something for "Opposite Week", hopefully we are able to make more informed decisions for the elections.

If you have written anything for "Opposite Week", then drop me a link to that article so that I can link to it. If anything, hopefully we would all benefit from this.

As for myself I will spend a few days writing my own "Opposite Week" article. It will probably be up in the middle of next week.

*** Opposite Week Posts ***
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