Monday, April 03, 2006

Squat and Bowls

Warning : The following post might be disgusting. If you are eating / intending to eat soon, please visit again some other time.

This post is concerned about public toilets, specifically, which is better -- bowl toilets ( the normal kind, where you can sit on) or squat toilets ( the hole-in-the-ground kind, where you have to squat ).

I think public opinion is that bowl toilets are better, which explains why most public toilets [ male, I can't say for female toilets. Unless I am allowed to do research ; ) ] are filled with bowl types, with the squat types occuping the ones at the ends. Why is this so ? Are bowl toilets really better than squat types ?

Personally, I prefer squat types (when doing business). I think squat types are more hygenic than bowl types. Why? Physical contact. Do you realise that whenever you sit on a public bowl, your naked ass is in contact with something that has been in contact with other asses ( the thought is horrifying) ? Even worse, it is quite often that the bowl surface is contaminated with urine from poor 'firers', or even tissue and dung (yuks). Can anyone really tolerate this kind of hygene abuse ?

As for the squat toilets, at least there is a huge separation between yourself and the extremely contaminated surface (unless you happen to believe that the toilet is cleaner than your work desk, and you think that eating off the work desk is acceptable ) . Even if the floor is littered with stray urine or tissue paper, at most it dirties your shoes, not your skin !

Of course, the whole problem arises because public toilets are quite lousy, and I tend to think that using public toilets excessively CAN reduce your life span. Avoid public toilets whenever possible.

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