Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Watching Eyes

According to a report by New Scientist, even a photocopy of a pair of watching eyes can make people behave more honestly. Evidently, we are extremely sensitive to being watched.

I can imagine some 'uses' for this discovery. For future projects, I will wear some watchful eyes when forcing people to do surveys. Hence, the survey findings will become more accurate.

Also, if I paste many watchful eyes on the main door of my house, it may deter intruders, who will quickly become uncomfortable when trying to break into my home. What a brilliant use!

One final idea goes out to the ruling party. They should consider sticking giant watchful eyes on the walls near the polling booths. Heck, they could paste it on the polling boxes also! This would encourage voters to make the 'right' choice. Hehe.

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1 comment:

Jackson Tan said...

How about this, which is probably the most frightening eye in recent history, much more so that Sauron's spotlight-eyes?