Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's in a Date ?

Today is supposed to be the devil's day, because it is the sixth day of the sixth month of 2006. This has apparently encouraged some Christians to hold "a violent day of worship" in order to counteract the forces of evil. The BBC article can be found here.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, it appears to be a good day for marriage! 310 couples solemnised their marriages, which happens to be six times that of the normal 50 couples a day. The CNA article can be found here.
What's in a number that endears it so much? Why must we assign meaning to meaningless items? It confounds all reasoning and weakens true meaning.

To us, it is just a date. And it comes every 1,000 years, so I feel that it
is special, and we won't get a chance for another date like this."
Quoted from CNA article above

Quite a ridiculous statement, isn't it? Firstly, if you want a 06/06/06 date the frequency is once every 100 years. That aside, every other date occurs at the same frequency. All days are equally special (or mediocre).

Of course, if anyone wants to declare 22/07 as genius day they are free to do so.

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