Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Term Break Conspiracy

I am amazed by how fast time appears to pass when it is term break. Before I knew it, it was already Thursday! This is certainly very depressing. However, because I am of a curious nature, I soon began wondering why time passes particularly quickly during the term breaks.

After much thought, I came to be aware of a number of strange events which hinted to some conspiracy. First, it was not only this particular term break which appeared to pass quicky - in fact, all known term breaks have been known to pass quickly. Second, time never passes quickly during the school term, and rather, it is quite the opposite. These two points alerted me to the truth, which I will reveal shortly.

It cannot be a coincidence that the time flies only during term break, and crawls only during the school term. Since it cannot be a coincidence, this only leaves one conclusion - that this particular oddity with time is planned and premeditated!

I postulate the following conspiracy - that the "school board" was aware of certain periods in the calendar where time would slow or speed up. Hence, with such knowledge, they planned the school term and term breaks such that they would coincide favorably with the "time oddities". This conclusion may seem hard to accept, but there is much evidence to support my conclusion.

I am certain that everyone remembers that particularly tough module where the lectures appeared to be exceptionally long (although appearing to occupy the standard duration of a lecture). This is proof that the timetable was specially planned to take advantage of the "time oddities"! The "school board", knowing that the module was tough and hence needed more time to be devoted to it, chose a timeslot where time would pass particularly slowly.

This is obviously a conspiracy ! I shall gather more evidence and expose the conspiracy !

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