Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buy Green

On some level, there is an irony with telling people to buy more green products. Buying green doesn't necessarily translate into saving the planet, because consumption is antithetical to greenness.

Displacement works, yes. If you're changing incandescents to fluorescents, then it helps, yes it is better than before. But it doesn't need to be said that if you insist on lighting your entire property, then it's not green regardless of what lights you use.

Rather than the type of product we use, perhaps more attention should be paid to how much we use, and how we use it. Our consumption and usage habits should be more important, though this requires much more effort that simply replacing the type of things we use.


Benedict said...

Not a good argument. Habits and coice of products are not mutually exclusive.

The Negative Man said...

It was never said that they were mutually exclusive. Reading the first sentence of the third paragraph should make things clear.

(X should have priority over Y. I never said that we shouldn't do Y).