Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kingdomism and Animatism

Speciesism, as described by animal activists, is the prejudice against other beings on the sole basis of their species. Speciesism, as with racism or sexism, is wrong !

Unfortunately, while activists recognise the moral shakiness of speciesism, I am sad to say that they too are bigots ! Clearly, by favoring animals over other types of organisms, such as plants, fungi or unicellular colonies, they are committing an act of prejudice. To discriminate along taxonomic kingdoms is obviously Kingdomism ! We should respect the rights of all organisms, whether they are fungi or animals.

However, repecting all life is, in itself, still insufficent. Why should animate objects be valued over the inanimate ? Is this not Animatism ? Every object is an indispensable member of the universe, without which the universe would not be the same. We should value the natural order of things, and correspondingly treat inanimate objects with respect.

Respect everything !

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Anonymous said...

Indeed my good sir. Are plants not species? If you are really looking for a guilt free meal I would suggest fasting because there is no such thing.