Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cheapass Games

Cheapass Games has some free games. Not computer games, but rather games which can be played with dice, playing cards, coins, ie, objects which are quite common.

Some games which would be quite interesting to play are:

Bogart which is basically a variant of snake-eyes.

FIGHT! appears to be a game which involves a fair bit of strategy. Best of all, it can probably be played anywhere, since the only things required are coins.

The Lost Pueblo of Doctor Green is a multiplayer game which, I think, plays a lot on psychology and bluffing. Players would try to second-guess the motives of other players and trick other players.

Roll Out the Gun Barrels is a simplified dice wargame. Since I have never played dice wargames, I wonder if it might be fun.

These games would be a refreshing change from the usual games that we play. Now, if only I can find people...

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JH said...

Heh, very cool games indeed. Thks for sharing. Btw, are u in NUS EE too?

The Negative Man said...

Yes, I just streamed into EE from common.

And now I'm wondering what I am to do with all 2284 programme account points.

JH said...

Haha well for now, not much of use. We will need them for the technical electives in yr3&4 i guess.

The Negative Man said...

Yah... then we can all outbid ourselves with our thousands of points.

I really think we should shoot the idiot who planned the 750/250 point split.