Sunday, July 23, 2006

How Pigs Can Fly

After reading some nicknames on MSN, I decided to research some methods to make pigs fly.

Method One :
The first method is probably the most well-known and best documented. Many people have successfully used this method to launch various projectiles objects into the air.

Pros : Tried and tested method. Can entertain tent full of people.
Cons : Two people needed to hold pig. People must be small. Some charring of pig may result (although this may be a benefit if bak gua is needed).

Method Two :
Lighter-than-air machines are simple in principle. The following design uses hydrogen as a lifting gas and at the same time incorporates a heating element to increase lift. Maximum lift is thus ensured. Pros : Hydrogen gas is easily available. Balloon can entertain small children. Only ONE person needed to heat pig !
Cons : "POP" sound may be heard.

Method Three :
Let us turn swords to ploughshares ! This last method turns weapons of war into useful tools of propulsion ! Pros : Best way to travel if destination is Sea of Japan. Other nations may give you food aid.
Cons : Possibilty of irradiated pig. May be taken as biological warhead.

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