Friday, May 05, 2006

Counting to Ten

The following is a short rhyme written according to the rules of nanofiction. For the unaquainted, nanofiction is an interesting format of creative writing where you are constrained to exactly (no more or less) 55 words. You may refer to this post for an earlier example of nanofiction.

Counting to Ten

Zeno was a funny man
He tried to count to ten.

To mortal men a simple feat
Just use toes on feet!

Alarms ringed in Zeno's head
Achilles lost to a turtle's lead!

Counting to ten cannot be done
Not even to number one!

Finally Zeno decided to cheat
By taking numbers to be discrete!

I shall admit that I am no poet. Quite sadly my knowledge of poetry, apart from knowledge of the technical devices, is essentially zero. Please forgive me if some of your brain cells have exploded or otherwise gone AWOL after reading my rhyme.

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