Saturday, May 27, 2006

The implications of the maiden move

My CAP was slightly better than predicted, but it matters little, as I am quite firmly entrenched within my current honours band, with little hope of rising or dropping a band. I must admit, though, that I feel some regret - if my CAP was just a tad higher, I might be encouraged to go for gold. But as things are now, I'll just cruise my way to a stil good silver rather than crippling myself for gaudy gold.

In essense, it all boils down to the very first semester. There are too many IFs to say anything much, but in hindsight things would be very different if the CAP then was any higher. I might have been more motivated to try for the still reasonable first class. Oh well, that's the past, so brooding does nothing. In anycase slacking is extremely good, considering its a 2nd upper even with slacking.

The implications of the previous paragraph are many. Simply put, some things are heavily influenced by the very first move, that innocuous maiden step taken in ignorance. The sad thing is that when we realise the folly of that opening, it is often too late to do anything else but to continue walking forward.

The boy who enters EM3 due to playing games on the eve of that exam might well be doomed to mediocrity because of that one moment of folly. Success is possible, but as time passes the odds are increasing stacked against him.

What if our present circumstances are due to the initial prudence or weakness of our forefathers ? Is this really that inconcievable ? Admittedly, there is some degree of social mobility within our society, but I would wager that the son of a pauper would himself be a pauper. Similarly, the son of a baron would quite likely be well-off himself.

It might all boil down to that very first step. Considering this, one might do well to halt in the face of that momentous move and reconsider the alternatives. Or might that indecision prove fatal in itself ?

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