Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Recently I came across an interesting website called Worldmapper. Basically what it does is that it morphs(using some algros) the world map according to certain statistics. For example, if the statistic is population, more populated nations would be redrawn to have a larger area than less poplulated nations.

Some of the redrawn maps are rather interesting. For example, this map reflects the net imports of toys (in US$). It appears that Americans like toys. A lot. But where's Africa and Asia ??? And oh, Singapore can be found on the map.

Toy Imports

This map will certainly make some Singaporeans proud. Singapore is actually almost as large as China ! Seems like Singapore really does make quite a bit from computer exports. It is also evident that the American continents are bad places to manufacture computer parts- they barely exist on the map. Africa is missing, as usual.

Computer Exports

Everyone should pop in to take a look. Worldmapper really puts the world into perspective.

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