Sunday, June 04, 2006

Eye Puzzle

I created a new puzzle. This puzzle, which I call Eye Puzzle, requires the use of eye power and some patience. It's actually modelled after some old game I played on my computer.

Rules of the game :
1) Start from the red square and try to get to the blue square.
2) You may move to a neighbouring square (u,d,l,r) if it is coloured. Grey is a colour.
3) You may make any number of legal moves, or none at all.
4) If the square you are on happens to 'dissolve' into a white square, you have died ! Try again.

Hints :
1) The squares change colour about every 2 seconds.
2) The colours change from violet to green to yellow.
3) Grey squares are safe, they always remain grey.

**Warning : This game may damage your eyes.

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Anonymous said...

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