Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mr Miyagi, Resignation

Divide. Schism. Disconnection. Factionalism. Polarization.

All these screaming ideas were apparent when I read through Mr Miyagi's post, and especially the comments to that post. My reaction to his resignation is simple, as I commented:
While I respect your decision to resign, I can’t help but wonder whether it is the best possible solution. For one, you yourself have noted a schism between ‘the online and the offline’. By resigning, there is one less opportunity for reconciliation and one more chance for division.
The division already exists. Just read through the comments to Miyagi's post. An overwhelming majority expressed vocal support for his decision. A good number of these showed extreme cyncism towards Today and other public media. Only a mite few found his resignation regrettable.

I was never a fan of conflict and disengagement. If the blogosphere indeed becomes totally separate from the mainstream, I would be very much dissapointed. Any such polarization suggests that there are some innate, irreconcilable differences between bloggers and the mainstream media. But aren't we all human, and aren't we all the same?

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visceral said...

If we were all the same and destined to stay that way, it would be meaningless to work towards improving our station in life

The Negative Man said...

You misunderstand my words. When I say that we are all the same, I meant that we are all human. In being human, we are fundamentally similiar, capable of understanding each other.

I believe that there is no 'other' type of human, one which is so different such that we are unable to sympathise with them.

I think I have made myself clear. Thanks anyway for the comment.