Sunday, July 16, 2006

Some Prophecies

Here are some vague prophecies that I have written. Unfortunately I don't have Nostradamus' skill in obfuscating things, hence my predictions may not come true anytime soon. Of course, I could always write more prophecies to increase the hit rate.

  1. At high fire, men of low stature destroy metal circle.
  2. One man, killed in dreamland, relives to defeat suited smith.
  3. As new sun awakes, eight arms sacrifice selves to save apple.
  4. Cleansing potion and beast turns man unattractive.
  5. Black knight born with blessings of new emperor.

Anyway the 'prophecies' are all based on some 'source material'. Perhaps you could try to deduce the sources. In the meantime I'll be keeping half an eye on the news to see if any of my divinations come up.

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Jackson Tan said...

I can only guess the source of prophecy two and four... guess I'm probably unaware of the others...

The Negative Man said...

They're all movies which are amazingly amazingly well known.