Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bidding Strategies For CORS

The time has come again for CORS module bidding ! Let us review some possible strategies for bidding.

Extremely Suicidal Strategy (AKA 0 MC workload strategy) :

1) Start bidding from round 3 onwards.
2) Choose any module that fits your timetable, and not refer to previous bidding info, and also ignore the current lowest / highest bid and other helpful statistics.
3) Bid 1 point after executing 2).
4) Go for modules like FNA1002X without 100000000 points in your account.
5) Win the bid for FNA1002X, then drop it. (WOOT 1000 points lost)

Pretty Lousy Strategy :

1) Place a good bid during the open phase, then totally ignore it.
2) Place bids ending with 9. Like 49, 99 etc.
3) Place a bid of 1 for modules which appear untaken. (And feel sad to be beaten by a bid of 2)

Good Bidding Strategy :

1) Place bids ending with 1, or 6. Like 51, 66, 101 etc.
2) Exception to rule 1 - always start with a minimum bid of 2.
3) Place a bid of 1 during the open phase if nobody has done so. This is to mislead competitors.
4) Be prepared to increase your bid during the closed phase.
5) Choose modules which are taught at strange times.
6) Always, if possible, utilize module preference exercises.

Evil Strategy (AKA get cursed by competitors strategy) :

1) Totally ignore the open phase, and bid only during the closed phase. This denies others of any information regarding your bid.
2) Place bids ending with 2 or 7. This is to beat relatively intelligent competitors. (Best part is, you can suan them by saying you beat them by 1 !)
3) Don't tell friends competitors what modules you are bidding for. If possible, discourage them from taking those modules !!!

Bo Liao Strategy (AKA got 5 allocated mods plan) :

1) Log in CORS to check bid points. Log out. Log in again. CORS hang.
2) Place an insane bid in a hot mod (all your bid points!) during open phase. During closed phase retract your bid.
3) Place an insane bid in a cold mod. Tell friends about the 'someone' who placed such an insane bid. Drop the bid later.
4) Jio friends to go out during bidding period.
5) Write bo liao posts about CORS bidding strategy.

The above advisory was written by TWL, who has spent no more than 1 bid point for any module during the previous 2 semesters. He is expected to continue this trend for at least 1 more semester. Incidentally, he likes the Bo Liao Strategy the most.

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JH said...

Muahaha! i like the evil Strategy. *evil grin*

The Negative Man said...

Actually the evil strategy was based on complaints by friends.

Eg: "TMD who last minute enter CORS and outbid me ! #$%@$"