Saturday, July 11, 2009

Estimating NUS EE Statistics II

Since my last post I did a more accurate count on the actual numbers, and the result is sufficiently different for me to revise my previous statistics.

The actual data is:
12.7% - First
28.9% - Second Upper
28.6% - Second Lower
10.7% - Third
19.1% - Pass

Using this new data and the previously described method, the new statistics are:
µ = 3.812
σ = 0.611

This puts me at about the 80th percentile of EE graduates in this cohort. The new data also portrays the Second Lower degree a lot better than previously suggested, though it still means that a person with a Second Lower is likelier to be below average than above average.

Note that however the normal distribution is less good fit with this new data. A better statistical fit may need to be found.

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