Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heaven and Hell

If one must either go to heaven or hell upon dying, and if heaven and hell are infinitely good and bad, then some conclusions are inevitable.

Firstly, if one is absolutely sure that one would go to heaven, for instance being guaranteed entry by merely worshiping a particular deity or denomination, then the conclusion is that one should die now. Being on earth is clearly worse than being in heaven.

Secondly, a person intent on doing good would go around slaughtering people. The rationale is that everything will be sorted out by divine entities; the good would gain earlier entry into heaven, while the evil would be banished earlier to hell. Either case, good is done. A valid argument.

Beware of people who ask, "Do you believe that heaven is infinitely good, and hell infinitely bad?"

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Anonymous said...

Aah but some religions believe that you do not enter heaven or hell upon death. You will be awakened/resurrected some day to face judgement day. Being alive is better than being dead, according to this view, so no need to die NOW.

Thanks for your blog. Chris